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Plastering Profiles

Plastering Profiles for Gypsum Walls
Three factors determine the final appearance and quality of the gypsum wall:
The professionalism of the builders.
The quality of the panels.
The steel frame to which the panels are connected

The quality of the steel profiles affects the strength of the wall, the quality of the finishing and the external appearance.
The profiles making up the steel frame are manufactured by cold rolling from hot dip galvanized steel (HDG) according to Israeli Standard 1490 (Part 4) in thicknesses of 0.5-0.8 and according to Standard EN10142.
Thickness of the galvanization coating: 200 g/m2
Radii: vary according to the thickness.
Length tolerance: +/-2 mm.
Standard lengths:
Piers: 2600, 2800, 3000
Rails: 3000 mm.
*** Any length required can be manufactured at the customer's request up to 6 m in different thicknesses.
Piers and rails can be manufactured:
In thicknesses of 0.50-0.90 mm and in non-standard lengths up to a length of 6000 mm.
In thicknesses of 1.20-2.00 mm and in non-standard lengths up to a length of 13,000 mm.


The omega piers serve for protection of walls and ceilings. The omega pier is generally used by the professionals mainly during renovation of old walls.
Practically it is cheaper to coat the wall with gypsum panels (rather than peeling off layers of old paint and plastering) and the finishing is noted for its higher quality.
The use of omegas is expanding also in construction of new buildings.
An economic calculation shows that it is cheaper to coat the block frame with gypsum panels and to pass the wiring in the space between the blocks and the gypsum panel created by the omega profiles.
This method also considerably shortens the lead time.

Standard lengths: 2600, 3000 mm.
Non-standard lengths can be manufactured at the customer's request.

Standard lengths: 3000 mm.
Non-standard lengths can be manufactured at the customer's request.
 *** Suitable for trapezoid omega.


Standard length: 2000 mm.   
Telescopic piers:
The telescopic pier is a new profile that can be adjusted to any height, rapidly and efficiently.
The work process becomes far shorter, faster and more profitable!
The telescopic piers serve as a regular pier, but if additional height is required it is possible to connect two piers and the pier easily, rapidly and simply becomes telescopic, allowing precise adjustment to the required measurement without need of cutting and connection with screws.
The telescopic pier is always available in warehouses, at the standard lengths usual in the market and in widths of 37, 50, 70, 100 and with wall thickness of 0.50.
The punching of the telescopic piers is improved punching with rolled up and rounded edges that adds strength to the profile and prevents tearing of electric wires.
Punching can be received at the position and intervals requested.
The telescopic profile is noted for unique ribbing in the walls that gives a great rigidity.


It serves for circumference of the steel frame in the acoustic ceiling.
Thicknesses of 0.50, 0.80.
Additional widths and thicknesses can be received on request.

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