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Galvanizing & Painting


Hot Dip Galvanizing and Painting

Hot Dip Galvanizing for steel products, sections, profiles and other metal elements in lengths of up to 13m; Electrostatic Powder Painting for steel and metal products in lengths of up to 12m.


The variety of our services include:

Hot dip galvanizing, painting (electrostatic and wet), galvanizing by diffusion, etc.


Our customers enjoy prompt service all under one roof and personal care.


The galvanizing plant has ISO 9001 standard .


The galvanizing process is according to Israeli Standard No. 918.




Details of our services:

Ä   Hot dip galvanizing

      In sizes – width: 1.3m length: 13m depth: 2.40m.

      Maximum lifting capacity: 6 ton – double dips of up to 17m is available.


Ä   Electrostatic Painting

      By an electrostatic powder line adjacent to the galvanizing plant.

      Sizes – 12m length, 0.8m width, 2m height.


Ä   Wet painting services

      According to customer specifications.


Ä Galvanizing by diffusion – for small products (bolts, discs, plates etc).


Ä Assembling services, assembling sorting and packing, after galvanizing/painting.


Ä   Technical assistance

     Advice and technical assistance by our professional team.




About galvanizing in general


Hot dip galvanizing is the most efficient process, very fast and economical, for the protection of steels from corrosion.

During the galvanizing process the product is dipped in melted zinc, the zinc provides strong resistance from corrosion and gives long-term protection.

The galvanized layer is resistant to erosion and corrosion due to the chemical binding (ligature) to the base steel.

Economic important considerations, with insight to the future, lead architects, engineers and metal works people to choose the dipping in hot zinc as the preferable coating method of protection against corrosion.

Painting the product after galvanizing will add additional protection together with an aesthetic and unique appearance.


The advantages of galvanizing

Ä The galvanizing becomes a part of the inside layer of the coated product.  The strength of the

       galvanization prevents damage during transportation, processing and maintenance.

Ä    The initial cost is relatively small, compared to other coatings.

Ä    The galvanizing process gives the best protection from corrosion, compared to other


Ä    The galvanizing process coats the inside parts of the product (due to the dipping of the

       product in melted zinc), especially in hollow products, which does not exist in other coating


Ä The galvanizing process gives catodic protection to the steel. In case that slight defects

       appear on the zinc coating, a process of “sacrificing” of the zinc occurs, which prevents

       corrosion from the steel base.  This process will be continued as long as there is zinc coating

       in the damaged area.

The Painting
Ä Adds additional surface protection to the product.

Ä Gives beauty and unique appearance.

Ä Electrostatic painting is an efficient, competitive and environmental friendly solution.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Powder electrostatic painting

Our environmental policy


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